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They are the symbol of a long tradition of alpine tourism and have a special place in the history of alpine architecture. First alpine huts were built at the end of the 19th century. The foundation of the existing alpine huts were made with materials that could be found in the local surrounding area. The rustic style and the isolated location give them a unique appeal which is especially attractive to the city dweller escaping the hustle and bustle of every day life.

More than 130 unique mountain huts that guarantee peace and relaxation are waiting for visitors. Unforgettable days away from tourism. Feel nature, enjoy the morning sun and fire up the wood stove in the evening for a cozy evening far away from everyday stress. An adventure!
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Opening hours of the major hiking huts

Around mountain huts with Sentiero Times and access to the cabin (SAC) Are activated:
- All SAC cabins
- All AAC cabins
- All huts that have a connection to a route on the visit portal
- All cabins booked on online cabin reservation (OHRS) are connected
- Some private huts that pay a small fee to be listed on our tour portal


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